Candle Care

Thank you for choosing a product from Leyonore – Advice and General Care Instructions

Read the instructions printed on the box, or in the usage information included.

Always make sure that the glass (jar) candle burns until the wax melts all the way out to the side. When aproximately 1 cm of wax remains the candle is to be considered fully used and should be extinguished to avoid any damage to the container or the surface underneath.

Trim the wick to aproximately 0,5 cm each time you light the candle, except for the first time. Adjust the wick if needed in order to keep it centered.

If the wick is too short and is at risk of drowning, extinguish the candle and carefully remove some of the wax around it.

Preferably put out the candle using a candle snuffer.
Make sure to always place your candle on an even and heat-resistant surface.

Avoid placing candles in direct sunligth or on warm surfaces such as on window sills, close to tile stoves, tv:s or other electronics.

Do not place candles in where there might be a draught or extreme changes in temperature. Place burning candles at least 10 cm apart.

In case the wick begins to char, extinguish the candle and remove the charing to avoid a large flame and sooting of the glass.

To remove traces of soot, extinguish the candle and let it cool off completely in order for the wax to set. Then use a soft dry cloth to wipe off the soot. Trim the wick to aproximately 0,5 cm before relighting.

Make sure that no remains from, for instance, matches or wicks fall into the liquid candle wax, as they may catch fire which can lead to the candle burning unevenly.

Remember that burn times may vary depending on the environment in which the candle is used since it is affected by temperatures and humidity.

Depending on the colour of the candle and the surrounding temperature our tealights may have remains of wax in them after burning.

Never leave lit candles without supervision. Keep burning candles out of reach from children and animals. Keep a safe distance to flammable materials.

Lit candles are not to be moved. If the wax spills out it may cause harm to people or surfaces.